Emergency Response Planning: Crisis Management and Hazardous Environments

VCES offers services to address enterprise-wide preparedness, planning, and response challenges. We developed and implemented securely accessible and customized plans capable of adapting to every location, regulatory requirement, and plan type.
Planning services will improve a company's ability to:
Maintain multiple and complex plan types
Minimize impacts of emergency or crisis scenarios
Provide consistent and streamlined plan formats across an enterprise
Validate and improve regulatory compliance
Simplify preparedness program transitions during mergers and acquisitions
Improve plan accuracy and ability to effectively maintain plans from the site level to the corporate headquarters
Address site-specific response strategies
Develop and apply consistent corporate standards
Specific planning services are unique to every client’s needs. Services may include:
Customized plan template development for a variety of regulatory requirements and site-specific operations
Gap Analyses, Audits, and Assessments for regulatory compliance and “best practices”
Development of Emergency, Incident, and Crisis Management Programs including team organization, Emergency Operations Center equipment and setup recommendations, response plans, and plan training
Plan content development and/or evaluation, including plot plans and sensitivity maps
Verifying accuracy of response plan contact information
Consulting on specific response scenarios including fires, oil spills, pandemic, and business continuity, among others
Conducting Business Impact Analysis to identify critical business processes and generate content for Business Continuity Plans
We can also provide personnel to visit your facilities to:
Gather or verify site-specific information for Oil Spill Response Plans, Emergency Response Plans, SPCC Plans, Oil Spill Tactical Plans, and Fire Pre-Plans, among others.
Provide Professional Engineer Certification for SPCC plans
Develop Oil Spill Tactical Plans for response strategies downstream of your facilities and pipelines
Develop Response Pre-Plans for tanks, process units, buildings, and truck racks, and high angle and confined space rescue
Conduct Emergency Response Assessments of personnel, response equipment, plans, and response contractors.

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